CHRI One on One with St. John’s Presbyterian Church

Thanks to CHRI for their great interview with Rev. Ian Johnston at St. Johns

One on One with St. John's Presbyterian

CHRI's Dianne Van Der Putten chats with Rev. Ian Johnston of St John's Presbyterian Church.The Church is doing amazing things everywhere and we want people to know about it! Hear from local Pastors as they share about their unique church family and how they’re reaching the community. Our desire is to encourage, uplift and support churches in the Ottawa region. One on One with the Church.Sponsored by Adam’s Airport Inn and Geert's Roofing

Posted by CHRI Radio on Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Teen Alpha Postponed

Due to inclement weather, the Teen Alpha scheduled for April 15th, 2018 has been postponed. Teen Alpha will start Sunday, May 6th.

Teen Alpha is an opportunity to learn more about yourself and your part in life.
It consists of videos and discussions.

Did I mention, there will be desserts and drinks?

Come out and bring a friend.
The program will be covered over 6 sessions and will run on Sundays:

  • May 6th
  • May 20th
  • May 27th
  • June 3rd
  • June 10th
  • June 24th

Lighting the Advent Candle… 40 Years Later

A Historic Event… Forty years ago, the Reverend Dr. Rennie, started the Christmas Candle lighting tradition at St. John’s. The Libbey family was invited to light the first candle and their daughter, Heather, who would normally be in nursery school at that time, stayed upstairs to light the very first Christmas Candle. Thanks to the Reverend Ian Johnston and the Plant family, Erin Libbey, niece and goddaughter of Heather, was invited to light the first Christmas Candle this year. The Reverend Dr. Rennie, can be seen in the photo sitting in the first row.

New Elders

On Sunday, November 26th, 2017, 10 Elders were ordained or reinstated. A great time for a group photo of our Elders, Minister, Minister Emeritus and Ministers in Association. Not all Elders were present but a great group photo none the less.

Noël Classiqu’Arts SDG Christmas

Are you still awestruck from the concert in the St. Raphael’s Ruins this past summer? Are you looking for a way to continue that feeling right into the 2018 new year? Look no further!

Classiqu’Arts SDG Productions Presents:

A Classiqu’Arts SDG Christmas featuring traditional Christmas classics performed by renowned musicians.

This concert will be performed at St. John’s Presbyterian Church in Cornwall (see poster or Facebook event for details)

Tickets are 25$ and available online: or by calling St. John’s Presbyterian Church (613) 932-8693.

Hurry! Tickets tend to sell out quick for our events!


Vous avez toujours de bons souvenirs de Classiqu’Arts 150 en août dernier aux Ruins de St-Raphaël?

Vous en voulez du pareil au même? Prenez donc connaissance de ce qui suit!

Les productions Classiqu’Arts SD&G présentent:

Noël Classiqu’Arts; un concert de musique classique avec la musique Noël traditionnelle, interprétée par des artistes renommés.

Le concert sera présenté le 9 décembre 2017 à 19 h à l’Église St. John’s Presbyterian à Cornwall.

Les billets sont disponibles en ligne: ou à l’Église St. John’s (613) 932-8693.

Ne tardez pas, les billets disparaîtrons rapidement!

Elder Nominations

TO: All Communicant Members of St. John’s


Sunday, October 8, 2017 is the last day to submit nominations for new Elders

*You may nominate UP TO 12

*1 nomination ballot per person being nominated

*Each ballot must by placed inside the small envelope and then inside the large envelope with your name on the outside

Let us keep all our leaders in prayer

Removal of the Sixth Street Cairn

In the interest of transparency for the lack of notice to the public and any concern/understanding that may have resulted from the removal of the cairn, we most humbly apologize. We offer the following as an explanation and outline our future plan for the site.

In 2016 the Session of St John’s Presbyterian Church in Cornwall determined that the cairn at the cemetery located at the corner of Sydney and Sixth Streets had to be removed. The past winter has been particularly hard on the cairn. Action was required to ensure the safety of the public using the park to ensure children and youth are not jeopardizing their personal safety because of crumbling walls and stone despite the wrought iron fence. Over the past few years there has been major deterioration of the cement holding the headstones in place, many of the headstones were badly cracked and some of the rebar exposed. Several stones were completely broken and had fallen away. Major repairs in the 1987 has not stopped the deterioration. The fence does not prevent youngsters climbing and playing on it. Our plans were communicated to Heritage Cornwall, a committee of the city, thus exercising due diligence and careful consideration.

The general condition of the cairn was inappropriate for the proper respect for our ancestors. Consistent with the Cemeteries Act of Ontario we followed our course of action on Monday recognized this obligation.

Please read the attached letter below for more details on the condition of the cairn and our plans for the future.

Press Release for Sixth Street Cemetery 15August2017

New LED Lighting and Repurposed Speakers in Caldwell Hall

Caldwell Hall LED
New LED lighting installed in Caldwell Hall

Caldwell Hall is much brighter, now that we have replaced the sodium lights with LED lights. This will definitely reduce our electricity costs and the hall is much brighter, which is better for groups like Pickleball. They even have dimmer switches so that the lighting levels can be adjusted. The speakers in the hall have also been replaced with the speakers that used to be in the Sanctuary and the sound is fantastic. If you have a group that would like to rent out the hall, please contact the church office for more information.