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Removal of the Sixth Street Cairn

In the interest of transparency for the lack of notice to the public and any concern/understanding that may have resulted from the removal of the cairn, we most humbly apologize. We offer the following as an explanation and outline our future plan for the site.

In 2016 the Session of St John’s Presbyterian Church in Cornwall determined that the cairn at the cemetery located at the corner of Sydney and Sixth Streets had to be removed. The past winter has been particularly hard on the cairn. Action was required to ensure the safety of the public using the park to ensure children and youth are not jeopardizing their personal safety because of crumbling walls and stone despite the wrought iron fence. Over the past few years there has been major deterioration of the cement holding the headstones in place, many of the headstones were badly cracked and some of the rebar exposed. Several stones were completely broken and had fallen away. Major repairs in the 1987 has not stopped the deterioration. The fence does not prevent youngsters climbing and playing on it. Our plans were communicated to Heritage Cornwall, a committee of the city, thus exercising due diligence and careful consideration.

The general condition of the cairn was inappropriate for the proper respect for our ancestors. Consistent with the Cemeteries Act of Ontario we followed our course of action on Monday recognized this obligation.

Please read the attached letter below for more details on the condition of the cairn and our plans for the future.

Press Release for Sixth Street Cemetery 15August2017

New LED Lighting and Repurposed Speakers in Caldwell Hall

Caldwell Hall LED

New LED lighting installed in Caldwell Hall

Caldwell Hall is much brighter, now that we have replaced the sodium lights with LED lights. This will definitely reduce our electricity costs and the hall is much brighter, which is better for groups like Pickleball. They even have dimmer switches so that the lighting levels can be adjusted. The speakers in the hall have also been replaced with the speakers that used to be in the Sanctuary and the sound is fantastic. If you have a group that would like to rent out the hall, please contact the church office for more information.

Passport to Peru Vacation Bible School

Passport to Peru VBS

Passport to Peru VBS

Passport to Peru Vacation Bible School will run daily from 8:30 to 11:00 am August 21st to 25th with a lunch and presentation on Friday for the children and their families. Come out and learn about Peru and God’s love. Fun, games, snacks, crafts, making new friends and learning more about the Bible… everything you like . Limited space, so reserve your children’s spot early. Contact Debbie at or call 613 936 3454 for more information. This is an event for all children Grades 1 through 5.







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